Google introduces Android 9 Pie Go Edition

There is a big announcement by Google following the announcement of its latest operating system, Android 9 Pie, the company unveils its corresponding Go Edition with enhanced features.

In the recent past, Google introduced the Android Go Edition with Android 8.0 Oreo as its base. Android Pie Go Edition will be launched with improved features that entry-level devices can benefit from.
Following  are the major changes in the Go edition:
– Up to an additional 500MB of storage available out of the box (as compared with the Android 8 – – — Oreo Go Edition).
– Faster device boot times.
– Top-of-the-line security features like a verified boot.
– An accessible dashboard for tracking and monitoring data usage.

Android 9 Pie Go Edition
Other major features of  Go applications are as under:
Youtube Go – introduces gallery mode for downloaded content.
Maps Go – now features navigation.
Files Go – an Added capability of transferring data peer-to-peer, without using mobile data, at speeds up to ~490Mbips.
Assistant Go – supports additional languages including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Indonesian, and has expanded support for device actions like controlling Bluetooth, camera and flashlight, and added reminders.
– Android Messages – app for Android (Go edition) is now ~50 percent smaller in size.
– Phone App – includes caller ID and spam detection.
The Android 9 Pie Go Edition is set to hit the market this Fall 2018.
Source: Google Newsroom, YugaTech

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